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This website includes details of prints produced over some twenty years and includes etchings, lithographs and linocuts. A principal section is a collection centred on and around the Batford Springs Nature Reserve, situated in East Harpenden, in Hertfordshire, on the Lea Valley Walk. There is a short account of the history of the locality.

From the wider World there is images of London, Liverpool, Moscow, Sicily, Spain, Scotland, Egypt and the USA.

About The Artist

David Ayres took up printmaking in 1977 while lecturing in Chemistry in the University of London. He learnt the techniques of etching from David Carr at the Camden School of Art, and later from Peter Jacques at the University of Hertfordshire.

On retirement and with a fully equipped studio at home this work has become a principal interest and commissions are accepted.

He has exhibited his work at:

Gallery 273, Queen Mary College
The Margaret Harvey Gallery, St Albans
The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, Waterloo, London
The Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham and at
The National Print Exhibition, the Mall Gallery

The remains of the Temple of Karnak, the largest religious building in the World, 2,000 BC. (H390 x W300mm)

Based upon the works of the London Brick Company at Stewartby, near Bedford. (H310 x W250mm)

An impression from Westfield College of snow and sleet showers passing over Camden. (W380 x H160mm)

'Pavilion (1908)' associated caption ' Built at Oakamoor by Thomas Bolton for the workforce at his nearby copper factory.

Many of these
prints are
available for sale

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Aldwych underground station in Surrey Street, now closed. (H390 x W280mm)

Batford footbridge. (H280 x W200mm, approx.)
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